Writing the Perfect Targeted Volunteer Opportunity

Adam J. Cheshier
4 min readAug 14, 2021

Writing the perfect targeted volunteer opportunity isn’t always easy. There are many considerations that go into it as well as finding the right platform to advertise the role. Many organizations struggle with the first thing they should master which is writing a volunteer ad that sounds fun, exciting, and inviting.

Below, we have gone over some of the top considerations when promoting a volunteer opportunity.

How to Write the Perfect Volunteer Ad

Here are our top tips for writing the perfect targeted volunteer opportunity to attract the most applicants and volunteers:

1. Know Your Audience

One of the most important of the tips we will give you is to understand your audience FIRST! Are your potential volunteers young, old, or mixed? Male or female? Where do they live? What’s their social class? Things like this are crucial in understanding who you are marketing to.

A good way to get a better grasp of who you are trying to attract is to take a look at your volunteers of the past. Who are they?

Likely, your next class of volunteers are to be the same demographic as the past. That’s just how it works.

Once you know your demographic, you can begin to customize your message to match attractive key points from their point of view. Don’t overthink this, just make it easier for the people you want to see the ad to see the things they want to see.

2. Tailor it to Them

Remember when we said it’s important to know your audience? So, what do we mean tailoring it to them?

Well, easy. Make this opportunity about them! Consider what they want and how you can mix that into what you need. The more you consider their needs and desires, the more sense it makes that they’ll be interested in the position.

Now, we know it’s not always possible to provide a dream opportunity for your volunteers. However, a role can always include different elements of which some can…



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