U-Ming — I deeply appreciate this response. And, believe me, I am well aware that not everyone in the world has this opportunity. I think about it SO often and I consider what people from other perspectives might think of my work. My privilege is not something I take for granted.

With that being said, it is often hard to write from a perspective I have not had. It’s hard to write for everyone and makes me feel guilty when I befriend others from the ‘developing world’ who do not get the chances I have.

Last year, I lived in Sabah for seven months. I befriended many Sabahans who expressed this same view to me. I didn’t know the correct way to respond. So, I ask you — how should I respond? I want to be able to genuinely express that I am not taking this privilege for granted.

To add on to your last point — I believe there are many benefits, still, to remote working culture. For everyone. That everyone can take advantage of. You’re right, it might not mean the same thing for everyone, but I think a majority stand to benefit in their own ways. It sounds like you agree with me on that.

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