Tips for Building a Strong Fundraising Committee and Volunteer Team

Adam J. Cheshier
6 min readAug 8, 2020

If financial resources are there, any cause has the opportunity to reach its mission. Being on a fundraising committee is a great volunteer effort. To become a fundraiser, you don’t have to know all about fundraising — the only requirement is to be ready to learn!

Here are a few ways to start a volunteer team to fulfill your organization’s fundraising mission.

Ways to Build a Sufficient Fundraising Committee

Get creative with your committee name

The words don’t exactly sound appealing; fundraising and committee. Matter of fact, it can scare some people.

Another possibility is to refer to your committee as a “resource team”. It sends a slightly different message: it is a steering group that not only allocates dollars, but also all kinds of resources for the mission and the cause.

Come up with a better committee role description

How can volunteers know what to do without a guide? Start with a committee description that includes as many details as possible, such as the committee’s activities, the length, and duration of the term, the desired skills and qualifications, and any other logistical aspects you would like to know when joining the committee.

Start a fundraiser and be transparent about your plan

Each organization should have a plan for its own resource development strategy, be it a simple or complex plan. Share this plan with your fundraising committee and ask them to give you feedback and implement specific projects.

Review the plan each year and find out what worked well, what goals need to be changed, and what is not realistic. The plan also helps with measurement and evaluation.

Provide further education

Another way to help your committee is to offer further education or regular training through other organizations…



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