Tips for Building a Strong Fundraising Committee and Volunteer Team

Adam J. Cheshier
6 min readAug 8, 2020

If financial resources are there, any cause has the opportunity to reach its mission. Being on a fundraising committee is a great volunteer effort. To become a fundraiser, you don’t have to know all about fundraising — the only requirement is to be ready to learn!

Here are a few ways to start a volunteer team to fulfill your organization’s fundraising mission.

Ways to Build a Sufficient Fundraising Committee

Get creative with your committee name

The words don’t exactly sound appealing; fundraising and committee. Matter of fact, it can scare some people.

Another possibility is to refer to your committee as a “resource team”. It sends a slightly different message: it is a steering group that not only allocates dollars, but also all kinds of resources for the mission and the cause.

Come up with a better committee role description

How can volunteers know what to do without a guide? Start with a committee description that…



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