How to Fund Your Volunteer Travels

Adam J. Cheshier
8 min readJul 18, 2020

One of the most rewarding types of travel is using your time for social good. Many people are taking advantage of the opportunity to see the world while helping a cause in an ethical way.

However, many (most) of these opportunities are not free. You shouldn’t expect them to be free — there are costs involved in hosting a volunteer program that you wouldn’t imagine.

CreativeVolunteer has vowed to create an affordable opportunity for creative travelers to utilize their skills for social good. Still, to do so in an ethical way, there are certain costs that are unavoidable.

A part of our program, for example, we will not host a volunteer without paying both the subject of the project and a personal translator for their time. The volunteer will, therefore, incur these costs.

We’ve taken the time to put together a list of ways we’ve found to be effective in raising funds to go on that volunteer experience you’ve always wanted and to touch the lives of many.

Tips for Raising Money for Volunteering Experience

1. Use your network

Contact your family and friends and ask them to place their fundraising initiatives on their media platforms to reach a wider audience. When people see that someone they trust is supporting a cause, they are more likely to show their support.

2. Collect donations in kind

Donations are not always in cash. You can collect things for volunteer work. For example, if you volunteer at school, you may need notebooks and notebooks.

3. Create a website or blog

There are many platforms where you can create a free website or blog and use it to raise funds. Weebly, Square Space and WordPress are just a few examples of website/blog creation platforms. Place your travel information on your website and use the Paypal link so that people can easily make a donation.



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