Astroverse NFT Roadmap 2021–2022

Hello, Astroheads!

A lot of big things have been happening behind the scenes and we’re happy to finally bring you a nice Alpha drop about what we’ve been working on.

There will be a lot going on in the Astroverse from now until year’s end. Here, we’ll discuss some of that.

Note: We’re holding back a few surprises and details on all of our collabs which are still developing. But you can be sure to hear future announcements in collaboration with projects like Terrans, Levana, Angel, Hero, Vinboy, MonsTerra, LunArt, xyz, & more!

Q4 2021

Launch Phase #02 — Date TBA

This will be a larger collection than the first — keeping in mind that we want to differentiate ourselves as a project by keeping our collection sizes low in quantity compared to other Terra NFT projects. We’re working with multiple artists on this one (we’ll announce who later on).

You can gain a WL spot by holding a Phase #01 planet at the time of our snapshot (TBD). Phase #01 whitelisting mechanisms will also be used to form the rest of Phase #02 whitelist as well as some of our partner projects’ most dedicated community members.

*Utility: We are working with several projects on Terra to bring various metaverse concepts to the Astroverse galaxies. ALL PIECES OF AV1–3 WILL BE INCLUDED.

Launch Phase #03 — Astroverse X Vinboy Special Collection (Date TBA)

We built Astroverse with the idea of becoming an amplifier for the individual artist. A place the artist can come to get his/her work recognized. Vinboy is an artist who we found through our Phase #01 community design competitions.

His work truly aligns with the quality that Astroverse has come to represent and we can’t wait to show you the space-themed collection he is developing.

In the future, we will continue to work with individual community artists who are enthusiastic about Astroverse and want the opportunity to get their talents recognized. If you’re a budding artist who can nerd-out about space and struggles to get your work in front of many people, let us help.

This will be a collection similar in size to Phase #01. However, future community artist collections will be smaller.

Astroverse Roadmap

Again, let us remind you that this roadmap doesn’t include various collaborations that are already in the works with several NFT projects on Terra. These collaborations will further bring value to your unique Astroverse NFT’s.

Moving forward, we’re thrilled about the platform we’ve been able to build and the community of support around us. It’s a very genuine community and we know it’s because all Astroheads appreciate the individual artist and the authenticity we’ve displayed. May the Astroverse continue to grow into 2022 and beyond!

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