Astroverse NFT Launch: Phase #01

Here’s what you need to know about the premiere launch.

Below are some guiding philosophies of Astroverse

  1. Spotlight on quality art and the individual artist.

Some noteworthy highlights from the Astroverse

Since the announcement of Astroverse on September 13th. . .

  • Our community has grown on Twitter (6,500 followers) and Discord (3,000 members).
  • Our charity auction raised $15,000 for Terra’s charity protocol, Angel. We are proud to have joined the Terra Charity Alliance made up of 35 protocols, validators & NFT projects pledging to support charitable endowments (will stake LUNA profits to Angel validator).
  • Hosted a “Design a Planet” contest — @wagmigently took home first place! We were blown away by the quality of the participation.
  • Community logo contest resulted in our beautiful new logo by @cavenaghiulises (RIP to the OG green circle pfp).
  • @Defi_Maestro runs a giveaway of 10 LUNA to promote Astroverse to the LUNAtic community.

Astroverse NFT Launch: All You Need to Know

Astroverse Rarity Chart

Explaining Our Launch Structure

Being that there will only be 200 planet owners in the Astroverse, we know there will be a lot of disappointed Astroheads that aren’t able to get their hands on one.

  • The holders of the first 200 planets should feel like they invested in something special
  • Our artist deserves to have his work sought-after

Why an auction?

It has crossed our mind that the auction-style sale might price some people out of owning an Astroverse planet. Of course, we hate that. But there’s a reason we chose an auction-style sale. When choosing a way to sell the original 200, our main concerns were:

  • Will bots ruin it?

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