Though, to no fault of its own. Find out why!

Photo by Seifeddine Dridi on Unsplash

Usually, Americans are only familiar with one Belgian city and it’s the capital; Brussels. At least, that was the case for me before I visited Belgium.

During a month-long stay in the neighboring city of Ghent, I made the 30-minute train journey to Brussels on more than one occasion.


So, what happened? The answer might be more obvious than you think

Photo by Thomas Konings on Unsplash

The city of Antwerp is a real beauty. Larger and more spacious than the neighboring cities of Ghent and Brugge. Antwerp has a unique big-city feel for a relatively small city.

A little about Antwerp…

The city of Antwerp is in northern Belgium. It is a part of, what I see as, the triangle…

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