8 Reasons Why Volunteers Are the Backbone of Nonprofit Organizations

Adam J. Cheshier
5 min readAug 15, 2020

No matter what the cause is, you will find reasons why volunteers are the backbone of nonprofit organizations. That is because they are often the ones with the most reason to be there even when they are not on the payroll.

These humans, your volunteers, provide support to your organization unparalleled to any monetary means. You’ll see, once your organization has a solid structure for volunteers installed, it will begin to exponentially grow and receive support.

That’s just how it works.

Below, we’ve compiled 8 reasons we think volunteers are the most important part of any organization. Let’s see by the end if you agree.

Why are Volunteers so Important to your Organization?

1. Intensity

Often, volunteers have a reason for volunteering when they do. Whether it is encouraged by something they don’t agree with politically, something that happened in their life, a sudden realization they made, or any number of other incidents, the people willing to volunteer are often those who are prepared to join the fight.

They will bring a certain intensity and fire that your organization needs.

2. Drive

Volunteers want to get the job done. Many times, they are there for a good — not a long — time. This means they’ll be ready to make their time worthwhile with 100 miles per hour worth of drive and motivation.

Make sure you’re ready to feed them the necessary tasks to fill their drive and allow them to feel as impactful with their limited amount of time as possible.

3. Outward Perspective

An outward perspective in any business is majorly important. This, too, extends to the nonprofit sector.



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