7 Ways to Volunteer From Home

Adam J. Cheshier
4 min readAug 11, 2020

Around the world, there are organizations that need help and finding ways to volunteer from home might be the most effective way to help them.

Most organizations can’t afford to hire a full staff of salaried employees which means they are falling behind on modern trends like social media marketing, website rankings, and their audiences are dwindling.

This is tough when most organizations can only succeed through their fundraising.

So, we’ve noted seven ways you can contribute from home and make sure these worthy causes are staying trendy.

How You Can Help: Volunteering From Home

Below are some of the many ways you can volunteer from home:

1. The United Nations Needs Your Help

Use your skills for the good of the planet. The UN has an excellent web portal that allows volunteers to search for opportunities by sector (research, education, writing, advocacy, etc.) and join over 12,000 online volunteers who support them every year. Look for current opportunities and see if there is anything that interests you — many of the…



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