10 Reliable Background Checks for Volunteer Organizations

Adam J. Cheshier
5 min readAug 9, 2020

Does your non-profit org check your employees and run background checks for volunteers? If not, it may mean problems in the future

  • Identity verification (including locating a Social Security Number).
  • Criminal control over violations and administrative offenses
  • Sex-offender search
  • Any government required tests


Volunteers are often the “face” of the organization. Without volunteers, non-profit organizations could not function in the same way. However, non-profit organizations that send volunteers into the community without proper background checks have a big responsibility.

How do I choose a volunteer background processor without paying what a commercial for-profit client will pay? Read on.

The Most Popular Background Checks for Nonprofit Organizations

Before placing volunteers, non-profit organizations must conduct a thorough identity verification to ensure the safety of those assisting them. Similarly, background checks protect…



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